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DVR Kits - The Reliable Solution

Starting at :

Perfect for homes, small office or retail, our DVR kits are the most cost effective, high tech solution to your surveillance needs.

Available in 4, 8 and 16 channel, our DVRs are ultra-stable and come with a minimum of 500GB Hard Drive !

Also included standard in our kits are Sony 420 line indoor/outdoor cameras.

Large Camera Selection.

From :

From discrete hidden cameras to full blown PTZ, we stock a wide variety of cameras. If you have an existing system, our cameras will work.

Our DVR kits can be easily customized by upgrading one or more cameras for your specific purpose.

Have questions, don't see what you're lookin for? Contact Us!

Commercial Applications =

Thousands in Savings.

Our DVR kits make an excellent platform to build your custom solution for any application.

Add cameras from our extensive lineup and create your own high performance, low cost, video surveillance solution.

Our Standard DVR lineup is available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations. We also have a Professional grade series, for extremely demanding applications requiring full HD resolution and maximum frame rates.

Whether you want parts only or a complete install, we will bring you the best value in the industry.

Contact or call us at 204 414-9020 for more information on custom built systems!

We can design a system for any application, with any number of cameras, and save you thousands of dollars over our competitors.

Installation? Yes, we do that!

Most Homes:

We offer complete professional installation for all of our products.

A typical 4 camera DVR residential installation is available for $400.00 for most homes, within Winnipeg city limits (outside city add travel per km).

Light commercial indoor installations start at $400.00 (4 camera DVR kit, drop ceiling premises).

Contact or call us 204 414-9020 for more details!

Graffiti In Winnipeg
"Graffiti is more than just words or symbols sprayed on a wall, it is an act of vandalism. In 2007, the City of Winnipeg increased funding for graffiti removal from $640,000 to $1.17 million. Every dollar spent on graffiti removal is a dollar that could be used on other truly needed programs"

-Winnipeg Police Service Website

October 2009

12,445 Crime Incidents in 12 Months
Based on statistics compiled by the City of Winnipeg, from October 2008 through October 2009, a total of 12,445 crime incidents were reported/recorded. This averages to 34 incidents per day!

October 2009

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